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D. Fayth Raines (Lilith Sephaos)
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
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Destinye Raines | Lil | 22 | March 3 | Writer

Hi guys! :excited: by CookiemagiK My name is Destinye, but a lot of people call me Lil. I'm considered a student writer, although my focus in college is on education. Recently, I became overwhelmed in an online school, but with my husband's recent decision to focus on his writing again, I decided to take a break until the fall semester and work on my own projects.

This turned into us working on a project together.

I'm focusing on improving my own writing, as well as helping others. I'm big on respectful, yet helpful, critiques. Everyone deserves them! (Unless, of course, you don't want critiques.)

I'm pretty friendly, if I do say so. :heart: Never be afraid to approach me!


Pagedoll by TheRadioactives of my character Mona

Pagedoll by KuroMizana of my (fur)sona Lilly.

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Recent Critiques/Constructive Comments

How to kill an AngelHow to kill an Angel
To kill an Angel, you must remove its hope, and its love, doing so, will remove its Wings.
To kill an Angel, you must remove its family, and its friends, doing so, will remove its Armor.
To kill an Angel, you must remove its faith, and its compassion, doing so, will remove its Halo.
At this point, you can kill the Angel, it is defenseless..Or, you can show it love, show it care..and you can rebuild it, bring it back to its former glory, its Wings shall grow again, its Armor shall slowly begin to take form again, and its Halo, will slowly begin to show again. However, if you choose to leave it be, and not even have the mercy to kill it, the Angel shall hold hate in its heart, it shall hold sorrow.
A broken Angel, shall replace hope with pessimism, and love with hate..its Wings shall regrow, but they will be black as night, and painful to touch.
A broken Angel, shall replace family with greed, and friends with enemies...its Armor shall return, but now, it shall be as

"...I enjoy the way that it is broken up. "To kill an Angel, you must do A and B, Doing so removes it's.." And then it continues to reflect that a broken Angel will replace what was taken with (fairly) the opposite, as well as what is returned in the place of what the Angel lost. I feel the repetitive nature of this ties it together well, keeping a good flow throughout the piece. I also enjoy that you portray that by taking away everything that makes and Angel, well, an Angel (it's wings, armor, and halo), it basically renders them human. Leaving them in such a state, however, can have three outcomes. I liked how you reflected these three outcomes. One can kill them. Or they can nurture them and they'll go back to their former glory. But these two outcomes are not touched on, even though they outcome of killing them once they're rendered defenseless is basically the title. Instead, you turn the piece towards them becoming a demon..." Read More~

Current Challenges

Awareness of the Arts: Into The StarsThe time has come! Our folder is open! To submit to the contest simply contribute your work to the:
Awareness of the Arts:  Into the Stars Folder!
You don't have to be a member to enter.
There is no deadline for sign ups.
As long as both your's and your partners entry's are submitted to the above folder by midnight EST on June 31st you will be entered!
  Deadline extended to July 15th midnight EST!
What it is:
Take one Artist and one writer and have them compete together. The Artist draws, or photographs or manipulates their craft; The Writer, writes a poem or short story based off the artist work *please keep written works to 1000 words or less*. It works the other way too, you can create art from literature too! La la la la 
Of course we have a theme Into The Stars and your work ne
June-July Contest (Extended Deadline!)Welcome To

A group for writers of all things Prose.
Prose:- (n) Ordinary writing as distinguished from verse.
:star::bulletred::star:PLEASE READ:star::bulletred::star:

...I have created a SINGLE FOLDER for poetry called The Odd Poem . THIS FOLDER and THIS FOLDER ALONE is where you can post poetry. Alternatively it can go to our sister group My-Soul-Bleeds-Ink .
:new: So far we have two (2) entries!
:new: Note the extension for submissions!

What It Is
It's a CONTEST! The full prompt reads:
Every time you get a bruise or scrape, your soul-mate also gets it. You bruise your left cheek after hitting something. The catch? Your worst enemy also gets a bruise. Double Catch? Its the same bruise.
Comment and Art Contest (Ended)Comment and Art Contest Winners announced here.
dAhub and ProjectComment have collaborated together to bring you an awesome contest centred around constructive commenting and art creation! :eager:
For both constructive commenting and art creation, nothing would ever happen without the deviant behind the comments or the art.
This has inspired dAhub and ProjectComment to host a contest, with the theme of...
To be more specific: Portray the avatar (or something related to the avatar) of a person that has given you a constructive comment (a constructive comment given at any time, no matter how old).
Contest Rules
You must be a member of dAhubPLUS or ProjectComment to participate in this contest.
The Artist's Description must link to the constructive comment and state This piece is for dAhub's and :devproject
The Tedious Tarot Flash Fic Challenge!Hello all
Edit 18/07/16 This is still going very well and strong! Apologies for lack of response- I did have a baby 2 weeks ago so I think I am excused a little! Really enjoying seeing these pieces coming through now, see links below to see what everyone else has got up to! 

Edit 29/06 We have managed to get all 73 cards assigned! However, fear not! In interest of Flash fiction month and the fact people are still interested, we are having a second round! This also means if you have already written a piece and want another card, you can go again also! Thank you for the enthusiasm! :heart:

To play this challenge, please respond to the forum thread:

It's time for a forum challenge! What better timing with FlashFictionMonth (Flash-Fic-Month) ready to start in July?
This challenge visits the mystical deck of the Tarot, where ev
Literature CVil War - The Poetry TakeoverThe Winners of the May Prose Challenge
:heart: thank you for your patience, first of all! This has been particularly hard to judge, as so many AWESOME entries were written. I was blown away by your creativity, by how you used the prompts I gave out, and weaved them into unique, unpredictable stories. :faint: you all did a great job, you all went out of your comfort zone and did something that maybe you wouldn't have done on your own. Thank you!
Now, the winner... C-A-Harland with:

C-A-Harland is well-known to me as an excellent writer, but here, I was amazed at the voice for the protagonist. It is so real, strong, believable and unique! It deserves the recognition. I also loved Mags. :love:
And the runner up is origamizebra

origamizebra created a world in 500 words, a world that is funny, sad, and a future that is not ENTIRELY unbelievable. :giggle: Again, here, a very distinct voice was u

Know an Under-Exposed Writer?

Fri Jul 1, 2016, 9:02 PM
If you know an under-exposed, active writer here at dA that has had an account for at least 3 months and has under 300 watchers, you should suggest them for the Expose an Unknown Writer event over at CRLiterature.

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